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Tomind Medical offers a comprehensive range of Sheaths and Dilators, essential components in various medical procedures requiring vascular access and catheterization. Our sheaths and dilators are meticulously designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards of quality, reliability, and performance, ensuring optimal outcomes for patients and healthcare providers.


  • Facilitated Access: Sheaths and dilators provide facilitated access to blood vessels and anatomical structures, allowing for safe and efficient catheterization procedures with minimal trauma to surrounding tissues.

  • Smooth Transition: Our sheaths feature smooth, tapered designs that facilitate the transition of catheters and other devices into the vasculature, reducing the risk of vessel injury and enhancing patient comfort during insertion.

  • Enhanced Visibility: Equipped with radiopaque markers, our sheaths and dilators offer excellent visibility under fluoroscopy and X-ray imaging, ensuring accurate placement and positioning during procedures.


  • Variety of Sizes: Choose from a range of sheath and dilator sizes to accommodate different catheter diameters and procedural requirements, ensuring compatibility and versatility in various clinical settings.

  • Graduated Markings: Our sheaths and dilators feature graduated markings along their length, providing visual guidance and depth indication for precise placement and advancement during catheterization procedures.

  • Atraumatic Tips: Sheaths and dilators are designed with atraumatic tips to minimize vessel trauma and endothelial damage during insertion and advancement, promoting patient safety and procedural success.


  • Vascular Access: Sheaths and dilators are essential components in vascular access procedures, including central venous catheterization, arterial cannulation, and hemodialysis access, providing reliable support and guidance for catheter insertion.

  • Interventional Procedures: In interventional radiology and endovascular surgery, sheaths and dilators facilitate the introduction and advancement of diagnostic and therapeutic catheters, enabling precise access to target sites within the vasculature.

  • Minimally Invasive Surgery: Sheaths and dilators play a vital role in minimally invasive surgical procedures, such as percutaneous transluminal angioplasty and endovascular aneurysm repair, offering safe and efficient access to vascular structures for treatment.

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