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Professional Catheter Assembly Manufacturer——TOMIND

We are a one stop catheter solutions provider of catheters for minimally invasive medical devices. Our R&D team combine over 20 years experience developing composite catheters. We specialize in developing products treating neurovascular, cardiovascular, peripheral, gastrointestinal, urologic, structural heart, and electrophysiological diseases, including parts used in microcatheters, aspiration catheters, support catheters, guiding catheters, guiding sheaths, steerable sheaths, delivery systems, and single-use endoscopes.
We started in August of 2020, with a small team of only seven people. At the time, we were only able to supply simple three layer construction braid or coil tubing out of our small R&D clean-room. In 2021, due to impact from the COVID pandemic, there was a shortage of catheter products for medical device manufactureres in China. The shortage was especially pronounced for high performance products that require special expertise to produce like steerable catheters. As a result of this, we focused our development efforts on highly technical products that at the time very few other companies in China are capable of producing. As a result of our efforts, we became one of the first companies in China capable of consistently develop and produce custom steerable catheters in the medical device market. In 2021, moved out of our R&D workshop into a 1500 square meter facility with class 7 clean room, which allowed us to expand with more machines and personel to accomodate customers with larger scale orders.
In 2022, due to the shortage of PET heat shrink tubing, we started developing our own manufacturing process to ensure our custom catheter customers are not impacted. In October of 2022, we have built up a full range of stock PET heat shrink sizes available for order with no minimum order quantity. In the mean time on the custom catheter business, we continued to expand our testing capabilities to include performance testing, as well as expanding on existing testing procedures and equipment to provide more comprehensive, detailed, and accurate test results.
Since our founding, we have worked on over 500 projects for treatment of gastroenterological, electrophysiological, strucutral heart, and vascular diseases. We strive to provide our customers with parts that are high-performance, excellent quality, that are delivered on time, as well as providing a development experience that is efficient, reliable, and within budget.

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