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      We have partnered with Chamfr to bring a portion of our ready to ship, in stock components to Chamfr's online store front. You can now find our in stock products, specifications, and stock status on We currently have 30+ different PET heat shrink tubings available in stock, and we are continually adding more products to our Chamfr storefront. Stay tuned for additional products in the future!
      Chamfr is a marketplace for medical device components, with thousands of parts, equipment, and tools available at your fingertips. Chamfr allows you to quickly access parts you need, with a focus on ISO-13485 certified and other suppliers in the medical device industry. 
      Chamfr's goal of making medical device development go faster is very much in line with our own goals. With Chamfr's online market maerketplace, and our no MOQ, 24-hour turn around rapid prototyping, we hope to make product develoopment faster than ever before!
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