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Multi-directional guide steerable sheath

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Product Description

Product Overview

Enhance your medical procedures with our Multi-directional guide steerable sheath from TOMIND. Designed for precision and stability, this steerable flexible sheath allows you to effortlessly navigate through complex anatomies. With our innovative PUSH CONTROL THROUGH DIMENSION STEERING technology, you can confidently control catheters and deliver optimal results. Explore our range of Sheaths And Dilators and elevate your medical practice today.

Product Advantage

  1. Customizable designs: Our dilator and sheath technologies offer personalized designs, allowing healthcare professionals to choose the materials, sizes, colors, and post-extrusion operations that best suit their needs.

  2. Diverse range of options: With a wide selection of materials such as LDPE, HDPE, Pebax®, and FEP, as well as sizes ranging from 8 Fr to 28 Fr, our products provide healthcare professionals with a diverse range of options to meet their specific requirements.

  3. Enhanced visibility: Our dilators and sheaths are available with radiopaque fillers such as barium sulfate, ensuring enhanced visibility under imaging techniques. This feature allows for precise placement and accurate monitoring during interventional therapies.

  4. Multi-directional guide steerable sheath: Our product, the multi-directional guide steerable sheath, offers the advantage of improved maneuverability during procedures. This feature allows healthcare professionals to navigate complex anatomical structures with ease, enhancing the overall precision and success of interventional therapies.


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