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Tomind Medical offers a comprehensive selection of Braid Catheters, meticulously designed and crafted to meet the demanding requirements of modern medical procedures. Braid catheters are renowned for their flexibility, maneuverability, and exceptional performance, making them indispensable tools in various diagnostic and therapeutic applications.


  • Enhanced Flexibility: Braid catheters feature a braided construction that provides superior flexibility and kink resistance, allowing for smooth navigation through intricate anatomical pathways.

  • Optimal Torque Transmission: The braid design enhances torque transmission, enabling precise control and manipulation during catheterization procedures, even in challenging anatomical conditions.

  • High Radiopacity: Our braid catheters are engineered with radiopaque markers, ensuring excellent visibility under fluoroscopy and X-ray imaging, facilitating accurate placement and positioning.


  • Versatile Configurations: Choose from a variety of configurations, including single-lumen, multi-lumen, and specialty catheters, tailored to specific clinical requirements and procedural preferences.

  • Advanced Materials: Our braid catheters are constructed from high-quality materials such as polyurethane, silicone, and PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), ensuring biocompatibility, durability, and optimal performance.

  • Customization Options: We offer customization options for braid catheters, including varying lengths, diameters, and tip designs, allowing for personalized solutions to meet unique patient needs.


  • Peripheral Vascular Procedures: Braid catheters are commonly used in peripheral vascular interventions, including angioplasty, stenting, and thrombectomy, providing precise access and delivery of therapeutic agents.

  • Neurovascular Interventions: In neurointerventional procedures, such as cerebral angiography and embolization, braid catheters offer exceptional navigability and support for accessing delicate cerebral vasculature.

  • Endovascular Interventions: From peripheral artery disease to deep vein thrombosis, braid catheters play a vital role in endovascular interventions, facilitating minimally invasive treatments with optimal clinical outcomes.

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