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Medtec Japan 2024 Tradeshow And Seminar for The Design & Manufacture of Medical Device

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Medtec Japan 2024 Tradeshow And Seminar for The Design & Manufacture of Medical Device


Medtec Japan 2024

Tradeshow and Seminar for the Design & Manufacture of Medical Device

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Tokyo, Japan – April 17, 2024

TomindMedical, a leading manufacturer and developer of medical catheters, today announced its participation in Medtec Japan 2024, held at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center.

Medtec Japan is a premier medical device design and manufacturing technology exhibition, bringing together renowned companies from the global medical device industry. Tomind Medical will showcase its latest medical catheter products and technologies at the event, while engaging in discussions and collaborations with industry professionals worldwide.

Deepening Presence in the Asian Medical Market and Expanding Overseas Business

Tomind Medical as a strategic opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the Asian medical market landscape, identify key trends, and expand its overseas presence. The company will actively engage with medical device companies from across Asia, exploring partnership opportunities to drive the advancement of the Asian medical device industry.

Seeking New Horizons and Breakthroughs

TomindMedical also aims to utilize this platform to explore innovative solutions and market strategies. By participating in the event, the company seeks to gain insights into advanced international medical device technologies and development trends. This knowledge will be applied to its own product and technology development, continuously enhancing the technological content and market competitiveness of its offerings.

Contributing to the Broader Development of China's Medical Industry

Tomind Medical remains committed to contributing to the growth of China's medical industry. The company believes that participation in Medtec Japan will further solidify its influence in the international medical device market, paving the way for a broader future for China's medical sector.

About Tomind Medical

Tomind Medical is a leading manufacturer and developer of medical catheters. With a team of dedicated R&D professionals and cutting-edge production facilities, the company offers a wide range of products used in various fields, including vascular intervention, neurointervention, and urological intervention. Driven by innovation and committed to quality, Tomind Medical strives to provide customers with top-tier medical device products and services.


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