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Abrasion-resistant PET Heat Shrink Tubing

ABS Medical Extrusion

ABS Sheaths and Dilators

Adhesive-Lined PET Heat Shrink Tubing

Aerospace PET Heat Shrink Tubing

Articulating Steerable Catheters

Automotive PET Heat Shrink Tubing

Balloon-Expandable Sheaths and Dilators

Balloon-Expandable Steerable Catheters

Balloon-Tipped Medical Extrusion

Biocompatible braided catheters

Biocompatible Medical Extrusion

Braided Medical Extrusion

C-Shape Steerable Catheters

Cardiological braided catheters

Cardiovascular Sheaths and Dilators

Cardiovascular Steerable Catheters

Catheter-Based Steerable Catheters

Chemical-resistant PET Heat Shrink Tubing

Coated Sheaths and Dilators

Coated Steerable Catheters

Coaxial Medical Extrusion

Colored PET Heat Shrink Tubing

Complex braided catheters

Corrugated PET Heat Shrink Tubing

Cross-Linked PET Heat Shrink Tubing

Curved Steerable Catheters

Customizable Heat-resistant Medical Extrusion

Customizable Medical Extrusion

Deflectable Steerable Catheters

Development steerable transseptal sheaths 

Diagnostic Sheaths and Dilators

Disposable Sheaths and Dilators

Dual-Lumen Medical Extrusion

Dual-Wall PET Heat Shrink Tubing

Durable PET Heat Shrink Tube 

Durable PET Heat Shrink Tubing

Electrically Insulating Medical Extrusion

Electronics PET Heat Shrink Tubing

Electrophysiology Steerable Catheters

Endoscopic Sheaths and Dilators

Endovascular Steerable Catheters

Energy PET Heat Shrink Tubing

EVA Medical Extrusion

Flame-resistant PET Heat Shrink Tubing

Flexible Medical Extrusion

Flexible PET Heat Shrink Tubing

Flexible Sheaths and Dilators

Flexible Steerable Catheters

Fluoropolymers Medical Extrusion

Food Processing PET Heat Shrink Tubing

Gastroenterological braided catheters

Gastrointestinal Sheaths and Dilators

Gastrointestinal Steerable Catheters

Guidewire-Compatible Sheaths and Dilators

Guidewire-Compatible Steerable Catheters

Gynecological braided catheters

Gynecological Steerable Catheters

Heat-Activated PET Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat-resistant Fluoropolymers Medical Extrusion

Heat-resistant Medical Extrusion

Heat-resistant PET Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat-resistant Polypropylene Medical Extrusion

Heat-resistant Reinforced Medical Extrusion

Heavy-Wall PET Heat Shrink Tubing

Helical Steerable Catheters

High-performance ABS Medical Extrusion

High-performance Non-toxic Medical Extrusion

High-performance PVC Medical Extrusion

High-torque braided catheters

Hooked Steerable Catheters

Hydrophilic Sheaths and Dilators

Hydrophilic Steerable Catheters

Industrial PET Heat Shrink Tubing

Instrumentation PET Heat Shrink Tubing

Insulating PET Heat Shrink Tubing

Interventional braided catheters

Interventional Radiology Steerable Catheters

Interventional Sheaths and Dilators

Interwoven braided catheters

Intricate braided catheters

J-Shaped Steerable Catheters

Kink-resistant braided catheters

Kink-resistant Medical Extrusion

Lightweight PET Heat Shrink Tubing

Looped Steerable Catheters

Low-profile braided catheters

Lubricated Sheaths and Dilators

Lubricious braided catheters

Lubricious Medical Extrusion

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