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Steerable Transseptal Sheaths Prototypes Transfer Catheter

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Product Description

Product Overview

TOMIND, a leading provider of Catheter Solutions, presents its latest innovation in medical devices - the steerable transseptal sheaths prototypes transfer catheter. With our expertise in manufacturing steerable catheters, we ensure unparalleled accuracy in surgical procedures. Our micro-machined custom-made catheters, reinforced with high-performance springs and braids, guarantee optimal control and durability. Trust TOMIND for reliable, certified solutions that enhance surgical outcomes.

Product Advantage

Product Advantage:

  1. Enhanced Catheter Placement: Our steerable and transseptal sheaths allow for improved catheter placement during minimally invasive procedures, ensuring accurate and precise navigation.

  2. Efficient Production: We offer a seamless transition from prototypes to production, allowing for quick and efficient manufacturing of high-quality catheter components.

  3. Flexible Manufacturing Locations: Our low-cost manufacturing approach enables us to find cost-effective locations for production, ensuring competitive pricing for our customers.

  4. Comprehensive Heart Device Support: We specialize in designing and building a wide range of components for heart devices, including custom-made wires, tubes, springs, and braids, providing comprehensive support for crucial heart procedures.


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