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SHEATH Medical Device Manufacturing steerable transseptal sheaths

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Product Description

Product Overview

TOMIND offers a range of high-quality steerable transseptal sheaths for medical device manufacturing. Our steerable catheters are designed and developed through extensive research and professional prototype manufacturing. With our services and products, medical professionals can perform procedures with precision and efficiency. Trust TOMIND for reliable and innovative solutions in the field of steerable transseptal sheaths.

Product Advantage

Product Advantage

  1. Easier to Assemble: TOMINDMED's tubing offers good push performance, excellent torsion control, and 360-degree steering, making it easier to assemble in various medical devices.

  2. Ultra-thin Wall Thickness: With a limit wall thickness of 0.08mm, TOMINDMED's tubing provides the advantage of being extremely thin, allowing for more flexibility and maneuverability in medical procedures.

  3. Variable PPI and Diameter Reduction: The tubing offers variable PPI (pores per inch) ranging from 20 to 150, allowing for customization based on specific application requirements. Additionally, it can achieve up to a 50% reduction in diameter, providing enhanced versatility.

  4. Wide Range of Material Hardness and Reinforcement Options: TOMINDMED offers more than 10 kinds of hardness materials, allowing for tailored solutions to meet different medical device needs. The tubing can also be reinforced with either coiled or braided, round or flat wire, providing added strength and durability. Additionally, it can accommodate 2 to 11 lumens, enabling multiple functionalities in a single tubing design.


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