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Medical-Grade Pebax Tubing Options -Pebax 6333

Singlecavity tube
Material: Pebax®
-Kink resistance
-Low friction coefficient
-superior dynamic

We can extrude tubing with high-performance materials, thin walls, tight tolerances, and complex geometries, whether you’re looking for quick-turn prototypes or full-scale production.
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Product Description

Pebax® is a special material used in many medical devices, particularly catheters and tubing. It's like a versatile building block. Doctors can choose Pebax® because it can be adjusted to be both strong and flexible in different parts of the device. This allows for easier insertion (stiffer sections) and precise control at the tip (softer sections). Since it's biocompatible, Pebax® works well inside the body, making it a popular choice for various medical applications.

Beneficial Qualities

Pebax® offers several advantages for creating medical devices through a process called extrusion. This process allows for the creation of thin, flexible tubes with specific properties:

  • Thin walls: Pebax® can be extruded into very thin tubing (down to 0.001 inches) due to its consistent flow and uniform structure.

  • Variable flexibility: Multiple layers with different flexibilities (25D to 74D) can be combined in the same tube.

  • Shape retention: Pebax® has high elastic memory, making it ideal for catheters and other devices that need to endure bending and twisting without breaking.

  • Consistent performance: Pebax® performs well at body temperature, ensuring catheters and other devices function reliably within the body.

These properties make Pebax® suitable for a variety  of medical devices requiring thin, flexible tubing with specific rigidity and durability.


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