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Medical Applications Durable Pet Heat Shrink Tube

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Product Description

Product Overview

TOMIND offers PET Heat Shrink Tubing, a versatile and durable solution for various medical applications. Our tubing is manufactured with precision, ensuring excellent electrical insulation for shafts and braids. With the ability to withstand high temperatures, it is ideal for medical equipment and devices. Additionally, our PET Heat Shrink Tubing can be customized through pad printing, allowing for clear identification and branding. Trust TOMIND for reliable and high-quality tubing that meets the demands of the medical industry.

Product Advantage

Product Advantages:

  1. Excellent Electrical Insulation: The high dielectric strength of PET heat shrink tubing makes it an ideal choice for use with energy-generating or sensing devices, providing reliable insulation without affecting the device's profile.

  2. Enhanced Shaft Stiffness: With its ultrathin walls and high strength, PET heat shrink tubing can add stiffness to shafts, improving their performance while maintaining a minimal profile.

  3. Secure Braid Termination: The high hoop strength and perforation resistance of PET heat shrink tubing allow for encapsulation and collapse of braid terminations, preventing wire exposure and maintaining a low profile.

  4. Customizable Marking and Printing: PET heat shrink tubing can be customized to include pad printing or marking, eliminating the need to print directly on the device and providing a convenient solution for labeling.

  5. Reliable Protective Covering and Bundling: PET heat shrink tubing can be used to cover parts that require a thin yet strong outer layer, providing reliable protection. It can also be used for bundling and compressing components together, ensuring a tight and secure configuration.

  6. Strong Bonding Capability: PET heat shrink tubing can bond both ends of a balloon to a catheter or reinforce existing bonds, enhancing the overall strength and durability of the product.

  7. Effective Masking Solution: Thin-walled PET heat shrink tubing can be applied to specific sections of a catheter to mask unwanted coatings, ensuring precise and controlled application.

  8. Versatile Manufacturing Aid: PET heat shrink tubing can be used as a temporary aid in the manufacturing process, allowing for bundling, preserving the profile of a balloon or stent, masking, and preventing the need to discard the entire catheter.


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