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Food Processing PET Heat Shrink Tubing

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Product Description

Product Overview

We at TOMIND offer a wide range of high-quality PEBAX/pa/tpu/peek/tpi/pfa/pom/pet/fep tubes for various industrial applications. Our PET Heat Shrink Tubing provides excellent insulation and protection, while our extrude tubing materials with thin walls and tight tolerances ensure optimal performance. Whether you need quick-turn prototypes or full-scale production, our PE Drainage tube, Mandrel Tapered PAMulti-lumen, Pebax Multi-lumen, and Plain PTFE extrusion options cater to diverse needs. Additionally, our TPU tubing and Ultra-thin-wall PAtubing offer superior flexibility and durability. Trust TOMIND for reliable and efficient tubing solutions.

Product Advantage

Product Advantages:

  1. Electrical Insulation: The high dielectric strength of PET heat shrink tubing makes it an ideal choice for insulating electrical components and energy-generating medical devices. It can be left on devices without affecting their profile.

  2. Variable-Stiffness Shafts: With its ultrathin walls and high strength, PET heat shrink tubing can add stiffness to shafts while maintaining a low profile. This flexibility allows for customized applications in medical devices.

  3. Braid Termination: PET heat shrink tubing offers high hoop strength and perforation resistance, making it suitable for encapsulating and collapsing braid terminations. This prevents wire exposure and maintains a low profile.

  4. Protective Covering/Coating and Bundling: PET heat shrink tubing can provide a thin but strong outer layer for parts that require protection. It can also be used for bundling and compressing components together, ensuring a tight configuration.


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