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Extrusion Tubing Micro-diameter Polyimide Micro Catheter

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Product Description

Product Overview

TOMIND is a leading OEM provider of steerable catheters and tubing for peripheral vascular, cardiology, neurology, and other medical applications. Our extrusion tubing is made from micro-diameter polyimide, offering exceptional flexibility and durability. With diameters ranging from small to large and varying wall thickness, our tubing is suitable for a wide range of medical procedures. We also offer tubing made from PTFE, thermoplastics, and hybrid blends, catering to the needs of cardiovascular, neurovascular, endoscopy, and laparoscopy procedures. Trust TOMIND for high-quality medical tubing solutions.

Product Advantage

  • Easier to assemble: TOMINDMED's tubing components are designed for easy assembly, allowing for efficient and streamlined production processes.

  • Good push performance and excellent torsion control: The tubing's design ensures smooth and controlled movement, making it ideal for applications requiring precise maneuverability.

  • 360-degree steering: TOMINDMED's tubing allows for flexible and unrestricted movement in all directions, enabling enhanced navigation and maneuverability in various medical procedures.

  • Micro-diameter capabilities: With a limit wall thickness of 0.08mm and variable PPI from 20 to 150, TOMINDMED's tubing offers the advantage of ultra-small dimensions, allowing for minimally invasive procedures and improved patient comfort.


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