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Design & Development

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Our design and development services offer a collaborative approach to create innovative and high-performance composite catheters. We leverage our expertise in medical grade materials, engineering, and catheter design to deliver solutions that meet your unique requirements.

If you have only a concept of the part, we work closely with your team to understand your vision, requirements, and desired performance characteristics for the composite catheters. Our experts then evaluate the feasibility of the concept, considering factors such as materials, and manufacturing processes. We employ advanced CAD software to develop detailed 3D models of the catheters, ensuring precise specifications and optimal performance.

Once we have a design, we create functional prototypes based on the designs and conduct thorough testing to validate performance and functionality. Prototypes will be ready in one to two weeks based on material availability, and shipped for your evaluation. We then engage in an iterative process of design refinement based on the feedback from prototyping and testing, ensuring continuous improvement. Once the design is finalized and validated, the part is then transfered to production for process validation and verification to ensure smooth scale up.

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