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24-Hour R&D Service

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This Is special service for R&D order for one piece, Test Report within 24-Hours

                                                                                  ...NO  Days, NO MOQ, NO RISK


  •  We have a professional supply chain to ensure that the materials you need are available quickly

  •  We have a variety of devices that provide a lot of data support.

  •  We can carry out a large number of experiments to verify the feasibility of product design.

  •  We have a professional team of engineers to provide technical support

  •  We can provide professional technical reports and test samples within 24 hours

  •  Our company has the highest price/performance ratio in the same type of service.

TOMINDMeds can offer comprehensive support to minimize project risks and facilitate the development of devices using our proven in-house capability platforms. By collaborating directly with our team of skilled engineers, material and polymer experts, and experienced technicians, you will have access to a diverse range of talents. Whether your project requires innovative ideas, out-of-the-box solutions, challenging assumptions, or the creation of demonstrative prototypes, our collaborative process ensures that all aspects are addressed and feedback is gathered effectively.

Our product concepts are designed specifically to address your clearly defined objectives, challenges, and application requirements. We prioritize not only the functionality and effectiveness of our products but also their manufacturability. This means that we take into account the limitations and capabilities of the core technologies employed in their production.

The result:



Let’s Get To Work On Your Project

At Tomind Medical OEM, we provide a well-established device development process that combines innovation, design for manufacturability, and cost containment. We understand the importance of delivering solutions that are both cutting-edge and efficient to produce. So, let's connect and start the process off right away!

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